Verily, We Swim in Books!


Greetings all! It’s a little while since we did any communicating in longer-form, so, Prudence here, with a touch of housekeeping and a couple of updates!

In PatC-world, we have been reunited with our worldly belongings, from which we’ve been separated for over a year whilst relocating. It’s wonderful to have everything back, but it’s a little overwhelming, having boxes stacked ceiling-high and all manner of things to sort, share and get rid of!

The best part of this for me was having my grandparents’ books home with me at last – I was fortunate enough to inherit all their hardbacks, which range in quality and interest, but all bear my grandmother’s name, scribbled in ageing ink inside the cover, often with the date she bought and read it, or the details of the person who gave it to her. She and my grandad bought each other books for every Valentine’s Day (also their anniversary), birthday and Christmas, and I love seeing their marriage in terms of those gifts of fiction. I also have my great-aunt’s very random travelogue books, mostly Victorian accounts of the Far East and South America, which make for interesting reading. It’s hard not to drop everything and immerse myself in these wonderful, and sometimes dreadful, books, but there’s work to be done, so they must wait!

In the world of housekeeping, a couple of points!

New Subscribers – the address we will have for you is your default PayPal address. If this address is NOT the one you’d like your box delivered to, you do have to drop us a line and let us know, otherwise, that’s where it goes! You can pop the address you’d like the book to go to either in the questionnaire you’ll find at the end of the payment process, or through the Contact Us page on our site.

Price Changes – It’s April, so that means the cost of postage has risen once more! Alongside that, most of our suppliers raise prices around this time, so we’re going to be reviewing costs over the next month or so. Consider this a little forewarning, if you are thinking of signing up! We will never raise the cost of subscriptions for those who are already signed up, so, as long as your payments are continuous, you will only ever pay the cost of the box when you take out your subscription, regardless of any future raises for new subscribers.

Box Business – We’re still a work in progress, and everything isn’t quite as polished and consistently brilliant as we’d like! I try really hard to balance things out during the run of a subscription, and as ever, do know that, at this point, unlike most (indeed, all the ones that I can think of) other subscription boxes, we do not have any partners, nobody pays us to include anything in our boxes, and we do not receive any free inclusions from others in order to promote them and increase the value of our boxes. Think it looks a little handmade around here? It totally is! We love that about our boxes, and we’re always working on making each box more awesome than the last. The Crow and I buy or make all our inclusions ourselves, and we always try to make them fun, well-sourced and entertaining. One day we might partner up with people, if we get the right offer, because we’d certainly, especially in the world of teas and sweets, like to be able to promote our favourites, but we’re discerning, and also control freaks, so that’s one for the future.

Contacting Us – We love to hear from you! Love it! But if you have a query, or anything that requires an answer, you must, must use the contact from at – it’s the only way to ensure that we see it, and we like to keep a copy of all our correspondence with you. Don’t send us details through Facebook or TWitter etc, as a) we don’t check them so regularly and b) we can’t guarantee we’ll actually see them, owing to the high level of both correspondence and spam we get through social media channels!

Let’s go back to some fun things – I’m so, so happy to see Ursula K. le Guin getting some love from Radio 4 of late. The Earthsea Chronicles were hugely, enormously formative reading experiences for me, and I still find them so powerful, so gloriously well-constructed, it’s so exciting to hear that they’re about to be dramatised for the dear BBC. The fun has already begun as well, with the two-part dramatisation of The Left Hand of Darkness finishing this weekend, and the wonderful interview with the master herself which you can also find via that link. Anyone with any interest in sci-fi, feminism, great story-telling, the power of language, the language of power, magic, world-building, or any combination of the above, if you aren’t familiar, or even if your familiarity is simply a little distant, I implore you to go and enjoy all that there is to offer from her works.

We’re so excited by every new subscription we receive. I always look forward to new questionnaires, and we love, love getting to know your likes, shaping a corner of your library, seeing your #patcbox #shelfie photos, all of that. I love when I’m out and about, and I suddenly come across the perfect book for Sarah in Lancaster, or the very novel that Jamie in Edinburgh has been hoping to receive for months. We genuinely love what we do with our hearts, and we promise to keep working hard to make our boxes as enjoyable, as curious, as readable as possible.

All the best this Spring,

P (and the C).

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